Roof constructions and repairs

As an expert roofing construction company, our dedicated skilled team of roofing technicians are committed to assisting home and business owners with choosing the most cost effective and efficient roofing options that are customized to the specifics of a respective home or commercial building. G. IEROPOULOS & CO LP takes pride in informing its valued customers about all the facts regarding the latest in roofing technology before they make an investment. We provide home and business owners with practical information regarding the most advanced and durable roofing materials and products that would work well for their properties according to the slop, structure and location of their existing roofing system.

G. Ieropoulos & Co. LP is synonymous with quality roofing materials related to the variety, longevity and sheer beauty of any type of architecture that exists. The roofs of G. Ieropoulos & Co. LP constitute an umbrella, protecting the building from the outside environment, with a particular emphasis on protection from water, cold and heat. Maximum performance can be achieved by careful design, selection and installation of G. Ieropoulos & Co. LP insulation. Our team will visit your home to offer you the best solution.

When your roofing life is over, either due to severe corrosion from environmental conditions or due to damage to existing old material, G. Ieropoulos & Co. LP can definitely assist you in repairing it.

G. Ieropoulos & Co LP provides thermal and acoustic insulation on the roof. We can help protect and extend the life of your roof by saving energy and reducing operating costs. G. Ieropoulos & Co. LP selects products especially designed to provide excellent thermal and moisture resistance.

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