Our company

Our approach reflects and incorporates the earth’s four elements using our technical expertise and years of experience.

G. IEROPOULOS & CO LP collaborates with teams of capable individuals who possess specialized technical know-how, the highest levels of customer service and knowledge of the local market that can only be gained with time and experience. From the start, the professionals at G. IEROPOULOS & CO LP were successful in anticipating the current level of development taking place across Greece. Working as a team, they were able to lay the foundations of the company, build strong relationships with clients and create a name and reputation for the company.

IEROPOULOS & CO LP respects its customers. The company has extremely skillful and masterful craftsmen who accurate with expertise and experience undertake the most difficult and complicating projects. G. IEROPOULOS & CO LP knows how to maximize productivity.

G. IEROPOULOS & CO LP is a recognized leading construction firm with expertise in roof constructions, plumbing, heating and cooling A/C installations. Since its establishment in 1998, G. IEROPOULOS & CO LP, has created an exemplary record in offering its services to home owners and businesses.